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Re: A single FC4 wish

On Nov 16, 2004, at 6:51 PM, Elliot Lee wrote:

On Wed, 17 Nov 2004, Thomas Zehetbauer wrote:

I think that should be done in bugzilla, but:
1.) developers should not close bugs/RFEs just because they do not want
to fix it NOW
2.) there should be a voting system like the one on mozilla.org

bugzilla doesn't allow getting a quick & easy overview of what features
are requested in which categories. A web page with an outline view and a
bunch of 'Me too!' buttons.

To expand on what Elliot says: Bugzilla is good for task tracking. It's not so good for tracking what tasks should be done in the context of an OS release, because there are so many codependent variables that need to be juggled together at once: priorities, resources, feasibility, and so forth.

In my mind, creating/maintaining such a list would, ideally, entail:

- gathering all the feature requests (and i think bugzilla is fine for this part, actually)
- sorting them out by priority (and I think a mozilla.org-type voting system has significant limitations[1])
- sorting them out by practicality (resources; timeframe; what's going on upstream; etc.)

and to do this you would need to create a strawman list, circulate on fedora-devel-list, get feedback, update, and repeat.

Sure, it's work, but how nice would it be to have someone who helps figure out what really is the priority for the release? :)


[1] The voting audience for FC4 features is not a representative sample of the FC4 user base (not everyone votes; not everyone reads Bugzilla; etc.) Plus, different people have different agendas ("My customers are non-technical helpdesk users" "My users care about good I/O" etc.)

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