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Re: Requests for FC4

> > - Working NNTP support in evolution (as my bug has been ignored)
> > 
> This works for me with 2.0.x. Did you file it in bugzilla.ximian.com?

No, I filed the bug against Fedora, since the package I have is from
Fedora, not from ximian. 

This is another thing. It would be nice if developers would stop closing
my bugs when they are not "packaging related". This is usually 
the case on Fedora.us. I filed a bug on scribus recently and 
it was closed due to not being "packaging".
I've filed numerous bugs in firefox when it was still in fedora.us,
and they got closed as well. It seems unreasonable to me
to expect the user to sign up for 20 different bugzillas
where you will be told to download the cvs version and retest.
The burden of bug-tracking should not be on the user.

> > - A way to resize the gnome icons when I change resolution
> > without editing the Bluecurve file. A way to control
> Create a Bluecurve theme using SVGs?

Yes, that should be the default.

> > what gdm does with the resolution, because right now
> > it makes me scroll the mouse left and right to see the entire
> > screen, which is huge. 1600x1200 is available, but the X startup
> > resolution is 1024x768.
> Is this filed in bugzilla.gnome.org? Depending on whether it's a problem
> in gdm or X.org of course?

Actually it's not filed anywhere yet - sorry about that.
I'm unclear which program the bug is in. I'm not quite
sure what would cause the screen to be scrollable left
and right because of resolution. If I had filed
it anywhere it would have been under Fedora's gdm package.

Ivan Gyurdiev <ivg2 cornell edu>
Cornell University

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