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Re: rescue boot

ons 2004-11-17 klockan 02:24 -0800 skrev Jamie Zawinski:
> As long as everyone's tossing out wishlists...
> In FC2, the boot.iso doesn't have a self-contained way to give you a
> minimal shell.  If you boot from it in "rescue" mode, it insists on
> having (ftp/http/mount) access to the full set of install ISOs before
> it will even give you a shell. 
> I just needed a bootable CD to install grub on a new disk; I didn't have
> the FC2 distro CDs around, so I just downloaded and burned the small
> boot.iso, and was shocked to find that it didn't have the ability to
> just give me sh and mount, or busybox or something, without having
> access to the whole enchilada.

What about the ~70 meg rescuecd.iso? It fits on a CD/RW, and as the name
implies, it can be used for system recovery.

/Peter Backlund 

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> Jamie Zawinski
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