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Re: stateless wants pxelinux.0


On Mon, 2004-11-15 at 15:32 -0600, Carlos Knowlton wrote:

> >I believe that the PXE configuration is supposed to be automatically
> >generated by a cron job (which invokes
> >/usr/share/stateless/statelessGenPXEConfig.py).  It didn't work for me
> >because I didn't have an NFS path set properly.
> >
> I'm getting a similar message from "statelessGenPXEConfig.py":
> "
> [root fsix-Server /]# python /usr/share/stateless/statelessGenPXEConfig.py
> Unable to get NFS location of DemoSystem snapshot DemoSystem-1
> "
> Here's my /etc/exports:
> "
> /home/users *(rw,async)
> /src/stateless/snapshots *(rw,async)
> "
> Does anyone know how the NFS location is supposed to be set up?  Is 
> there any more documentation than the Tutorial and the source ( I don't 
> speak python very well )?

	The issue is that statelessGenPXEConfig.py isn't find details of the
snapshot or snapshot server in LDAP. Maybe looking through LDAP with GQ
might show which pieces are missing and we can fix whatever problem
caused it not to be there. See stateless-schema.txt and
statless-schema.dia for details about where the various bits go in LDAP


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