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Re: Boot poster challenge

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Ziga Mahkovec <ziga mahkovec klika si> wrote:

>(boot time: 0:46, yay)


What happens to overall boot time if rhgb and dhclient is disabled, with and
without readahead?

Both rhgb and dhclient seem like they can be optimized individually â so their
contribution to overall boot time can be disregarded while studying the rest
of the boot process â and given the relative runtime and order of readahead
vs. the following processes, readahead looks like it may be wasted here.

Also interesting would be a graph of a minimal boot â disable all nonessential
services; portmap, rpc, gpm, cups, etc. â into text console. It'd reduce the
ânoiseâ in the graph and might reveal something interesting about the
remaining processes.

Oh, BTW, what is that apparent zombie of S04readahead_early? Just a timing
issue with the sampling?

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