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Re: Requests for FC4

On Wed, 2004-11-17 at 13:38 +0100, Michael Schwendt wrote:
> On Wed, 17 Nov 2004 03:24:23 -0500, Ivan Gyurdiev wrote:

> > It seems unreasonable to me
> > to expect the user to sign up for 20 different bugzillas
> > where you will be told to download the cvs version and retest.
> It seems unreasonable to expect volunteer package developers in a
> community packaging project to forward every issue upstream, in
> particular if it's an RFE or issue where a packager would need to
> reimplement big parts or where upstream would likely want to
> communicate with the _user_ and not a packager.
That's the essential difference between an "rpm-packager" and a "rpm-

Fedora.US does not distinguish between both of them, nor can anyone
expect Fedora.US volunteer "packagers" to act as "rpm-maintainers",
closing following a package's development.

In an ideal world, Fedora.US rsp. FE should be collaborative efforts,
were "super-maintainers" would fill gaps, and several
"packagers"/"maintainers" cooperate to get bugs fixed/PRs forwarded etc.
But such is theory, practice is different :(


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