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Re: Stateless Works! but...

I finally got a diskless machine to boot from a stateless server! There are a lot of "can't do that on a read-only filesystem" messages, at boot, and I can't login, there must be something I'm missing.

Where exactly is it breaking?

	Are you sure the snapshot process completed correctly, that the
readonly-root package is installed on the snapshot etc.?

The snapshot seemed to install smoothly, but I'm not sure if no errors means "correctly". I did verify that "read-only root" and "stateless-clients" is installed on the snapshot.

This is what's happening: -The client boots
-Finds dhcp/PXE on the stateless server, and installs the kernel
-initrd does a pivot-root to the NFS-mounted snapshot, (and here's where things get interesting)
-when rc.readonlyroot runs, I get a series of "find: cannot access [file]: permission denied"
-then when the rest of the processes start to run, some work, some fail. These fail:
-netfs (this just hangs for a few minutes, and then RPC time's out)

Since netfs won't mount NFS filesystems, I don't have access to user data folders, though I was finally able to get it to login (LDAP didn't like plain-text user passwords =).

Anyway, the file permissions are the thing that seem to be causing most of the trouble. Everything that isn't world-readable is inaccessible, even to root! (why is that?) Though I tried to make everything on the snapshot in /etc and /var world-readable, this was a mistake, because though some things worked, others broke, I assume because they didn't like their private files exposed like this. Either way, I still couldn't get nfs exports to mount right.

Is there a "post-image-installation" document describing how to overcome these problems? Also, I had to figure out how to use the "stateless-servers" command to add the nfs/rsync paths before the cron job would work that configured the client pxelinux files under /tftpboot. I may have overlooked it somehow, but shouldn't that be in the tutorial?

Ah, yes that should be in the tutorial. Patches for the tutorial are very, very welcome :-)


I'd love to, but... Hmm, ever thought of wiki-fying the tutorial? I'm still pretty new, I haven't learned the fine art of patch generating yet.

Thanks for all your help! Carlos

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