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Re: gcj and Openoffice.org 1.9.X

>>>>> "Anthony" == Anthony Green <green redhat com> writes:

>> The crucial thing is to get the module xmlhelp built with gcj so that
>> building in helpcontent2 which uses xmlhelp will produce the help files.
>> In xmlhelp "extends sun.net.www.protocol.file.Handler" is a problem,
>> hacking around it currently leads to a crash in helpcontent2.

Anthony> This is application badness.  Ideally they wouldn't be using
Anthony> this class directly.  If rewriting this code isn't an option,
Anthony> have a look at gnu.gcj.protocol.file.Handler to see if it
Anthony> will do the job.

Copying and modify the gcj code is an option, btw, since the libgcj
license is sufficiently liberal as to allow this.

In gcj cvs this code is now in gnu.java.net.protocol.file.Handler btw.

Whether this makes sense is hard to say without seeing the code.
Caolan, we're definitely interested in getting this working.  Feel
free to ask questions on the gcj list (java gcc gnu org).  It isn't
too late to get patches for OOo into GCC 4.0 if we can figure out what
we need and implement it relatively quickly.

Anthony> Just FYI, however, I expect rhug will go away when we all
Anthony> start using GCC 4, since building and running java
Anthony> apps/libraries with GCC 4 will be much easier.

Yeah, the new binary compatibility ABI in 4.0 will make it a lot
easier to gcj-compile random applications.  However, it might not
help OOo too much, since there the challenge is compiling
source->class against a free class library.


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