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Remote bin client/server project (mainly for stateless, but could be used for any bin server)

Here is an idea I had recently about a new (?) project. Please post about any 
comment, idea, suggestion, participation, feasability, usability, need for 
it, ...

The idea
A client/server architecture for up to date bin distribution. 

Server part: This is where the big stuff is. The latest up to date code for a 
particular program/package (or any version, but the goal is to always have 
the latest up to date version) would be on the server and the actual binary 
would be produced on the fly depending on the options required by the client. 
This would require either a collaboration from developpers or some other mean 
(like rsync or ?). Of course there is a caching mechanism for not recompiling 
the same binary/options combination all the time.

Client part: The client mount a directory (like binfs, libfs or sbinfs) with 
either general options or program/package specific options. There is a 
preconfigured default on the server side so the client only need to provide 
the cpu arch. The client could also have a caching mechanism depending on the 

This could be implemented in a diskless client mounting a NFS root either on 
the client side, or on the NFS server side.
It could also be implemented on any kind of workstation with a syncronisation 
mechanism when the computer is linked to the network.
The actual software implementation is not yet "on the table", it's still in 
the thought process.

This is just the beginning of the idea. One can easily think about the many 
possibilities. Please feel free to discuss about it.


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