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Re: PPC Fedora (was anaconda ftp install)

On 11/18/2004 03:12:29 AM, David Woodhouse wrote:

You could try Fedora :)

Easier said than done. I tried.

Initially I did a yum update to FC2 from YDL 3.0
The yum update worked, with some manual intervention, it booted, but the keyboard and nic were non functional. Keyboard - meh. NIC I need to ssh in.

I tried then yum updating to FC3Test2 - partway through, it broke - I'm guessing too radical of an update.

Finally I tried from the boot.iso - but this is a first gen imac, and the boot.iso has a bug where it can't load the nic module needed for nfs install. I found that out from the mailing list archive after looking for what went wrong.

I have one more thing to try - the FC2 yum update that worked, and then build new kernel with nic compiled in before rebooting. If that doesn't work - well, then, I tried :D

I think it's a given that this isn't going to be an ftp server for installing x86 fedora ... now this old iMac is a toy.

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