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Re: PPC Fedora (was anaconda ftp install)

On 11/19/2004 01:17:12 AM, David Woodhouse wrote:
On Fri, 2004-11-19 at 07:15 +0000, Michael A. Peters wrote:
> Initially I did a yum update to FC2 from YDL 3.0
> The yum update worked, with some manual intervention, it booted, but

> the keyboard and nic were non functional. Keyboard - meh. NIC I need
> ssh in.

Heh. Not loading USB controller modules perhaps? Even booting the
YDL kernel didn't work?

I neglected to turn off kudzu, and the YDL kernel hung at kudzu, not detecting the keyboard and not skipping.

kudzu (and rhgb on x86) I typically like to disable because they are weaknesses in the boot process.

booting the YDL kernel single worked, but the keymap was screwed.

Interesting. I've done a yum update from FC2 to various stages of FC3 and it's worked. What happened?

Yum was semi working but spitting out errors, it would down load but not install. the ls command worked but spit out errors, rpm was capable of installing but not uninstalling.

It loads the sungem module just fine. Then it fails to notice that
there's an eth0, and it asks you what module it should load....
helpfully removing 'sungem' from the list on the basis that that one's
already loaded :)

I installed a minimal YDL 3.0 and then did some pruning, got it down to under 200 packages allegedly safely installed (with rpm -e) - including removal of yum as the ydl yum doesn't know what to do with ppc64 packages in the headers list.

I manually updated glibc and its dependencies succesfully, manually updated rpm and its dependencies succesfully, and them yum - and at this point have yum claiming it can do a update without errors - so when that's done, I'll yum install everything needed to build the kernel with eth and usb in the kernel, install the new kudzu but turn it off, hope it brings up network when it reboots.

But if that fails, I'll consider myself whipped :D

compiling a kernel on this thing is gonna be slow - it does have a Newer 433 G4 from just before they died in 2001/2002 - but it's still slow.

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