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Re: prelink issues

Colin Walters wrote:

A secondary issue is that we've occasionally seen shared libraries
suddenly not having the right SELinux contexts:

This is as likely to be that sometimes packages do %post -p /sbin/ldconfig and somethimes %post /sbin/ldconfig and sometimes something else entirely handling sonames.

The problem is well known, has poppped up repeatedly, is way too complicated
to analyze back to the root cause (which was that only /bin/sh has "rpm_script_t" as
exec context type), is "fixed" in rpm-4.3.3 (for FC4), and will be fixed elsewhere
as soon as I find a "rpm_execcon" symbol in a libselinux that I can link against,
and the problem is almost certainly going to reappear a few more times because
of the complicated logistics of matching libselinux, a version of rpm, and current policy
on user machines with the volume of changes that are now pretty routine in FC.

So please make sure you're running rpm-4.3.3 and whatever libselinux is current
in FC4 before claiming anything about *.so file contexts going awry.

Again, just a hunch, I have insufficient detail to chase the problem home. Wanna bet? ;-)

73 de Jeff

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