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Re: Boot poster challenge

Karl Vogel <karl vogel telenet be> writes:

> FWIW.. my bootlog (no flashy graphs though):

> Feel free to add some GD.pm lovin' to the script :-)

Grabbed GD.pm and fooled around with it a bit:


Still looks kinda lame compared to some other graphs, but
then design has never been one of my strong points :)

>    http://users.telenet.be/kvogel/boot.html

Updated this log with a new run using sleep 0.10 interval and also
added vmstat to the output, which shows that most of the time,
my machine is idle (even with the extra cpu time needed for the 
logger). The boot is to initlevel 3 without X11 and no DHCP, which
takes 29 seconds.

NOTE: this laptop boots in 10 seconds from GRUB to GNOME (with
firefox, XEmacs and a couple of terminals open) using swsusp2,
so there is certainly some room for improvement :)

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