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Re: Latest kernels and megaraid module (was: Re: Boot poster challenge)

On Sat, 2004-11-20 at 22:21, Matthias Saou wrote:
> Harry Moyes wrote :

> I have quite a few machines running FC2 that run yum nightly to keep up to
> date, and they did install the latest kernel, and the output reported that
> the initrd wouldn't be created because no megaraid module was to be found.
> I haven't looked into this yet but either :
> - The module/driver isn't included and this is a serious bug.
> - The module has been renamed or support for those MegaRaid cards has been
> moved into another module... this is a bug also, but the remedy is to add
> more "glue" or some other non trivial mechanism to kernel updates.
> ...or I'm simply missing something ;-)

I'm betting on a bug, but my bitch was not the bug in the new kernel,
its the silent hiding of that error by up2date, and the misleading
report of success. I removed the new kernel, and re ran up2date,
and it still reported success despite the failure  >:|

So consider this a vote for a serious review of up2date.


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