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Re: RFR: more FC4 Requests

Jeff Johnson wrote:

Panu Matilainen wrote:

On Sat, 2004-11-20 at 19:36 -0500, Jeff Johnson wrote:

Sure, people love and use it (for example the Lua-interface is a killer feature which yum currently lacks) but it's starting to seem like a dead end to me.

So how should lua be made available to yum?

FWIW, I have a lua package, and (at one point in time) had permission to
add to FC from notting. What is needed is someone more well versed in lua than I
to design the file tree for attaching lua extensions, kinda like /usr/lib*/python2.4.

You really don't want me making that call, it make no more send than having a C
programmer design python bindings. I can certainly invent something that is not
too surprising, but ...

And credit where credit is due: Gustavo Niemeyer did the implementation of lua
into rpm, and supplied me with most of what I know about Lua.

73 de Jeff

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