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Re: Various Fedora Extra changes (mailing list?), plus is APT now deprecated? (various responses)

On 11/20/2004 05:53:07 PM, Bryan J. Smith wrote:

William Hooper wrote: > APT has never been part of Fedora Core and has always been an "Extra".

I understand this, but just was curious on the reasons for preferring

I am not speaking on behalf on anyone official - but I think it is because yum was written using python, and uses the rpm python package, which Red Hat/Fedora will keep updated and current because Anaconda uses Python.

Additionally, since yum was written for rpm rather than ported to rpm, it's code base is much smaller.

While it may not be true anymore, Apt use to do things kind of dirty - using its own dependency resolution and telling rpm to ignore its dependency resolution, thus yum was better integrated with rpm.

Also - and you *may* be able to do this with apt, but I don't think so, want to install a group of packages you forgot to select at CD install time?

yum grouplist

That will show what is available.

yum groupinstall "KDE (K Desktop Environment)"

That will install the KDE Desktop Environment

yum is really nice - and the current metadata yum has improved in speed signifigantly.

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