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Re: (boot improvement experiments) Re: Boot poster challenge

El sáb, 20-11-2004 a las 09:25 -0800, David Corrigan escribió:
> > - I prepared an readahead.early.files running strace -e trace=open on X
> > and gdm
> Could you provide some more details about how the readahead files are
> created and loaded?


strace -e trace=open executabletobetraced 2> executable.log

then I apply a mix of grep/cut/sort to get a list of files being opened,
something like:

grep RDONLY | grep -v DIRECTORY | grep "^open" | grep -v "such file" |
cut -c7- | \
 cut -d"\"" -f1  | sort -u | grep -v "^/home/" | grep -v "^/proc/" | \
grep -v "^/tmp/" | grep -v "^/dev" 

(I think it could be simpler that that)

> I ran strace in the terminal and it said the X server was already
> running so I assume I need to have it start X. Where does the command
> need to be executed?

if you plan to strace X, I recommend you to go to runlevel 3 and do it
from there

Franco Catrin L.  TUXPAN

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