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Re: Boot poster challenge

Arjan van de Ven wrote:
yeah we saw that; sorting the list on disk sector shaved 2 seconds off...
if we want to save more we'll have to fix the on disk layout to be less
spread out. That's not going to be fun...

Is there any way to have a "pre-cooked" swap image of all the files you need so that when you boot you can swap it all in in one big contiguous read instead of having to read file by file?

not currently; file contents also never hits swap, it would require like
a full vm subsystem rewrite to achieve this. It's probably a lot easier
to either write some defrag tool that can move stuff, or to make a
hidden automatic buffer in the fs

I was thinking along side the hidden automatic buffer in the fs, just set asside a partition. and dump everything there in the order needed.

Problem 1: how do we tell the kernel that the block just read equals a block on one of the mounted FS and that the kernel can use the read block instead of reading it from the mounted FS?

Problem 2: how do we keep the partition uptodate?

Which makes me wonder if this is the path to follow.



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