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Re: OpenOffice.org widget fonts


What desktop environment are you using?  OOo pulls the UI font from the 
desktop environment, in the GNOME case from GTK, and in the KDE case from 
QT.  You should try changing the system-wide application font to see if 
that helps.  But if you could check a copule things:

1) What desktop environment?
2) Do you have openoffice.org-kde package installed if you're using KDE?
3) What's your normal application font from the desktop env?


On Sun, 21 Nov 2004, Avi Alkalay wrote:

> OOo widgets font look terrible in my desktop.
> I followed this guide to change it, without success:
> http://www.openoffice.org/FAQs/fontguide.html#9
> I suspect OOo Fedora packages have the widget font changed to
> something else than Andale Sans UI. Anybody knows which font?
> Anybody knows how to change OOo widgets fonts ?
> Thank you,
> Avi
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