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Re: Possibly offtopic : Binary only driver

On 11/21/2004 07:28:44 PM, Michael A. Peters wrote:


SP1 to SP2 of XP caused me more issues than any linux upgrade ever did.
I had to boot SP2 in recovery mode to uninstall virus software that Microsoft recommended as a good vendor for virus checking because the software had a kernel driver that did not work with SP2 - and unlike Linux where a module just simply doesn't load but boot continues, WinXP completely refused to boot except to that aweful emergency mode thing. All because of virus protection software, which definately should not have prevented XP from booting.

I would also like to note my experience with a SCSI card - Linux booted no problem with both internal and external drives attached, Windows would boot with one or the other - but not both. Termination and SCSI ID's were not the issue.

The Linux driver was open source in the kernel. The windows card was proprietary closed source.

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