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Re: OpenOffice.org widget fonts: THE SOLUTION

I found the solution.

Menu Tools -> Options -> Tree OOo -> View -> Screen Font antialiasing

I set it to antialias begining from 13 pixels (about 10pt). Then I
found it is using the same wonderfull excelent MS Tahoma 8pt I used to
configure KDE. So it looks KDE font configurations were propagated,
except my anti-aliasing settings.

I'm attaching a screenshot with the dialog to let you see were the
solution is, and how wonderful OOo looks now.


On Mon, 22 Nov 2004 14:57:24 -0300, Avi Alkalay <avibrazil gmail com> wrote:
> On Mon, 22 Nov 2004 09:54:04 -0600, Steven P. Ulrick
> <ulrick2 faith4miracle org> wrote:
> > Hello, Everyone :)
> > This weekend I had to use Gnome for a day or two, and I was struck by how much
> > better OpenOffice 1.9m62 looked in Gnome than it does in KDE.  Before I get
> > into this, I need to say that this might not have anything to do with the
> > problem you are having.  I found the configuration setting that fixed my
> > problem at the following location: "Tools | Options | OpenOffice.org | View"
> > On that window was this item: "Use system font for user interface"  I
> > unchecked that box, clicked OK and OpenOffice.org 1.9m62 now looks just as
> > good in KDE as it does in GNOME.
> >
> > I do apologize if this had nothing to do with your problem.
> >
> > Steven P. Ulrick
> It seems this is a valid workaround.
> I'll tray later.
> Thank you,
> Avi

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