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Re: suggestion: move krb5 daemons to krb5-daemons subpackage

tis 2004-11-23 klockan 16:01 -0500 skrev Matthew Miller:

> Currently, there are several daemon programs in the krb5-workstation
> subpackage which one wouldn't necessarily expect or want on a workstation.
> (Obviously, telnetd, ftpd, kshd, klogind, etc. And probably login.krb5 too,
> since we've got PAM.). In this day and age, perhaps dropping them completely
> (in favor of fully-encrypted protocols like ssh) is the way to go, but
> failing that, my suggestion is to move them to a more clearly-named
> subpackage. (And to one that doesn't contain important utilities like
> kdestroy, etc.)

Yes, go ahead and put them in a separate package, but please don't
remove them. (Not that I'd care, I have nice little Heimdal RPMS
anyway.) It is quite reasonable to run a kerberos telnetd och rshd on
every workstation.

I suppose login.krb5 could be dropped. ftpd is clearly named gssftp
("The kerberized FTP server") in system-config-services, but it comes
before vsftpd in the list. :-)


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