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Re: Fedora Extras on x86_64

Am Mittwoch, den 24.11.2004, 15:00 +0000 schrieb Jeremy Sanders:
> I'm running FC2 on a new Athlon-64 system (x86_64 installation).
> Looking at http://www.linuxtx.org/amd64faq.html it suggests I can get 
> fedora extras from 
> http://fedora.linux.duke.edu/fedorax86_64/fedora.us/2/x86_64/ .
> However, these are quite old compared to the i386 fedora extras.
> There aren't any x86_64 binaries at 
> http://download.fedora.us/fedora/fedora/2/i386/RPMS.stable/

I'm running a x86_64 system since the release of FC2.

As to my experiences the best repository for addons is Dag Wieers repo.
There are numerous packages available. If you are missing one, write a
mail to Dag and he usually will add the package within a week or so. The
packages are very well crafted and I never had any compatibility issues
with the Fedora Core set. Given Dag's knowledge and experiences with
packaging for Fedora and Red Hat you can hardly do it better for

yum config file is
  name= Dag Fedora Extra $releasever - $basearch - Base

Another one is Axel Thimm's repo. The Yum file is:
 name=ATrpms for Fedora Core $releasever [ $basearch ] stable

You can import the gpg keys by:

rpm --import http://dag.wieers.com/packages/RPM-GPG-KEY.dag.txt
rpm --import http://ATrpms.net/RPM-GPG-KEY.atrpms


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