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Re: i486 FC3

j w r degoede hhs nl (Hans de Goede) writes:

> Although I don't have an i486 anymore I'm interested in getting FC3 to
> run ok on older hardware, if there are more of us maybe we can spin of
> an fc3 on old hw project?

I do not want to run it on i486 hardware but I have some i586 machines
where FC does not run properly.

Some simple steps would be:

* fix the stupid and broken kernel-packaging. There are absolutely no
  reasons to ship the kernel-headers with the core kernel. This brokenness
  costs 20-30 MB of the root-partition and 6000 inodes. On small hardware,
  this can be a significant part of the entire root-partition.

  Unfortunately, the kernel maintainer is not responding on such
  requests... :(

* split the gnupg package into a -core and -utils part. Core functionality
  is en/decryption and signing. I do not need LDAP and perl (required by
  optional gpgkeys_ldap + gpgkeys_mailto tools) for that.

  These additional dependencies cost 35MB.

* replace the 'Requires: kernel >= 2.6' with 'Conflicts: kernel < 2.6'
  (which would be more correctly also). The kernel package is not required
  on minimal systems (e.g. VServers), it costs lot of diskspace because of
  the stupid and broken packaging and its installation is complicated.

There are probably much more packages to split (e.g. 'howl' comes into
my mind which provides the mDNSResponder daemon which is not required
on most systems but installed on every one). These would save a small
amount of diskspace only (perhaps 2-3 MB per package), but it would
summarize up.


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