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OT: Help Kyrre with his LDAP authentification headatches :)

After reading to many pages on screen and on dead wood, asking (with no
results) on forums, never receiving sign-up confirmation for the
padl.com pamldap list, getting my post rejected at other LDAP mailing
lists, and generally banging my head against the monitor for way to much
time, i am hoping for a merciful harbor here. Please? If for nothing
else, to save the forests from my printer?

I am trying to set up a login-system based on LDAP - with a Debian
(sarge) box as LDAP (and NFS) server, and Fedora Core 3 machines as

So far, no luck. (not for 2 months...). After finally getting the server
to *start*, and adding what i (think is) an appropriate directory basic
layout using phpldapadmin (running on an apache server on the same box),
i still can't login.

If i try to login (using su - *username*) from root, all i get is "user
does not exist". I know the client is okay - if i direct it to an
(older) ldap-running box, it works mountainously.

I have a structure where all the user accounts are put in
ou=People,dc=valler,dc=vgs,dc=no (as "PosixAccount" and "PosixGroup"
according to phpldapadmin). This does work on the before mentioned box
(if i have "copied" the setup right using gq to read it, and
phpldapadmin to edit the new servers directory.)

If i try to connect to the server using directory administrator, I can
see all users/groups. Trying to change the user password gives an error,
and if i try to create a new user i get "object class violation".

Anybody who can help me? I am quite inexperienced when it comes to LDAP,
and does now think i have spent way to many hours reading dead threes/on
screen documentation of varying quality and relevance.

I shall post any material you ask for.

Kyrre Ness Sjøbæk

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