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Re: FC3 PPC development tree / installing FC3 on B&W PowerMacG3

On 11/25/2004 04:26:57 AM, mcwimpy gmx at wrote:
Hello everybody!

I promised u to send u my test report for the PowerMacG3.
unfortunately i
could do nothing the whole week, because i have to download a boot.iso
somehow there is no! I look every day 2 times at this


and hope this changes. What's the problem? Can i help somehow? When
can i
download a CD boot image. Or how can i make a bootable DVD?

I think you have to boot from a boot.iso (they are at the duke mirror for FC2 and FC3T2) and either ftp or nfs install.

Please note that the boot.iso doesn't support network on all hardware, such as my first gen iMac.

If the boot.iso fails to bring up your network, you aren't without possibilities - I had to install a bare bones YDL 3.0, remove as many rpm's as I could (and some more to resolve conflicts), manually update glibc and and a couple of other things that had epoch or version issues with FC versions, install Fedora release and Fedora yum, and then update from there - all without rebooting. The FC2 kernel did not properly boot my iMac - well it booted, but keyboard and network were broken. FC3T2 kernel would allow my keyboard to work but would not bring up my network.

Hint - after getting to FC3T2 but still booted from YDL kernel, mirror the FC3T3 rpm packages and the groups xml file, use the createrepo rpm from x86 FC3 (it's noarch) to create new repodata - and install yum from x86 FC3 (it's noarch)

Then point yum to the ppc FC3T2 tree on the HD and then you can do "yum grouplist" to see available groups of software and "yum groupinstall" to install entire groups of software. Necessary since going from YDL 3.0 to FC3T2 involves a very minimal YDL install.

I never got networking on my iMac to work, and I gave up rather quickly - the newer kernels from rawhide wanted other things updated. Not worth the hassle for me since I would have to burn crap to CD to get it to the iMac. So hopefully a future PPC fedora tree with a boot.iso that boots my iMac will emerge. I may just junk the iMac though and buy an eMac - they are cheap and a lot faster.

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