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ACPI Causing Laptop To Emit High-pitch Whine

Hi all:

T30 laptop here; I know there's quite a few IBM-toting folks here, so 
I'm tossing this message here.

ACPI causes some wierd interaction with possibly a capacitor near the 
CPU fan which makes it vibrate at a frequency that the human ear can 
detect.  Course, if your AC is on, you're in the office, outside, etc. 
you're not going to hear it or care.  But, when you'd like to retreat 
to a quiet setting to hack on some stuff it gets trÃs annoying with 
this thing whining at you. (Like, you already get enough of that from 
others during the day...)

Anyhow, found a piece here that it happens on DELL:


I notice that we config in thermal.ko statically:


So, guess I'll have to rebuild to do some experimenting.

But, anyway, if you have suggestions, comments, off-topic redirects, let 
me know.


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