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Re: fedora.us and Extras FC3 Status

On Tue, 23 Nov 2004 22:38:59 -1000, Warren Togami wrote:

> Gianluca Sforna wrote:
> > Anyway, does this means we have to wait for the Extras relaunch before
> > making any new submission to the fedura.us bugzilla??
> Not necessarily, any work done there will be imported to the trees after 
> launch, so it certainly wont hurt to fix and approve more packages in 
> the old fedora.us infrastructure.

A few fronts explained:

 * The PUBLISH list - http://tinyurl.com/6jtlb

   This bugzilla query lists approved packages which will be built and
   put in the "pending" repository, and packages which have been built
   already and which wait for final verification before they are
   published in the main repository.
   ( http://www.fedora.us/wiki/PackageSubmissionQAPolicy#approve )

   It something in e.g. the "pending/stable" repository causes trouble,
   that would be a good reason to reopen the corresponding package request
   ticket in bugzilla and block the package from being published.

 * The REVIEWED list - http://tinyurl.com/5dmpl

   This query lists packages which need approval from an additional
   ( http://www.fedora.us/wiki/PackageSubmissionQAPolicy#review )

 * The UPDATE list - http://tinyurl.com/6679q

   This query lists update package requests, which often are considerably
   easier to review, because an older version of a package exists in the
   repository already and can be compared with.

 * The NEEDSWORK list - http://tinyurl.com/4l6my

   Packages, which fail to build or which are considered "not ready"
   by either reviewers or the package creator himself, are moved out
   of the main package requests list of packages waiting for QA.
   Setting this keyword is optional, but can be helpful. One benefit
   is, that active reviewers and potential reviewers don't run into
   such packages in the main list.
   Some abandoned packages are in there, too, e.g. where the creator
   stopped following a project or started trying a different distribution
   As to what would be necessary to move such package requests forward
   should become clear in the comments. Replacement packages, which
   just work, would surely do.

 * The main QA list - http://tinyurl.com/4nxrw

   All package requests, which have the 'QA' bugzilla keyword set
   and hence are flagged as waiting for utilisable reviews and
   approvals according to the package submission policy.
   ( http://www.fedora.us/wiki/PackageSubmissionQAPolicy#review )

Fedora Core release 3 (Heidelberg) - Linux 2.6.9-1.681_FC3
loadavg: 0.22 0.54 0.28

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