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Re: i486 FC3

Matthias Saou wrote:
Enrico Scholz wrote :

* replace the 'Requires: kernel >= 2.6' with 'Conflicts: kernel < 2.6'
 (which would be more correctly also). The kernel package is not
 required on minimal systems (e.g. VServers), it costs lot of diskspace
 because of the stupid and broken packaging and its installation is

I don't think there is an easy solution to this one! Putting a "Conflicts:
kernel < 2.6" would also be problematic, and I recall having seen that
somewhere (in FC2?), as I ran into the problem it creates :
When you upgrade a system using apt or yum from a 2.4 (or earlier) kernel
to FC w/ a 2.6 kernel, since the latest kernel is installed (and not
upgraded) and the older ones aren't removed, you bump into that conflict...
so either you go on a thin limb by removing all current < 2.6 kernels (with
--justdb preferably! still, ugly...), or you try to outsmart that conflict
by wanting to put a 2.6 kernel before upgrading the whole system... but end
up finding out that the chain of dependencies when trying to do that ends
up once more with that conflict :-(

well e.g. udev really conflicts with kernel < 2.6, cause it obsoletes dev and your system really does not start with a kernel < 2.6 ... ok, you can workaround, but then you really should know, what you are doing.

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