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Re: Kernel Crashs - interessting ?

Am Freitag, den 26.11.2004, 13:50 +0100 schrieb Matthias Saou:

> Freedom, it's all about freedom. Anyone who doesn't understand that and
> argues about playing Doom 3 should probably take one more browse around the
> http://www.gnu.org/ website.

i know gnu.org and support the Freedom View very high ... so could ask
too _which_ freedom exactly ...

the normal users have to live with a slow agp driver while on the other
Side idgames _is_ and _was_ always very Linux supporting. Further, they
are suggesting high Performance and i love it too. I upgraded my
Hardware ... but have to live with an slow agp driver while the quicker
one is non-freedom oriented in your Eys. Please have a look at the
Radion Drivers.

Shure i use the NVidia driver with Fedora3, but the Kernel crashes alway
on Reboot, shure i use the EXT3 FS too, shure my Databases loves it to
crash, and shure i have to decide if i want playing or using my dream OS
like it is supposed from Fedora. So again, wich Freedom do you mean ?

Greetings		Frank

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