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Xinerama Auto-switcher Thingy Using Kudzu

Hi all:

Hacked this piece a few years ago.  Now, updated to xorg.conf.  Haven't 
searched the internet, but it's probably already been done somewhere.  
Since X.org doesn't have an auto-switcher mechanism I just hack a kudzu 
DDC probe in py and then switch config based on that.

Config xinerama (or clone or whatever) with two monitors connected to 
your laptop and then save it as xorg.conf.multi.  Oh, save the single 
screen config to xorg.conf.single first.  Then, run gorama.  Simple 
thing really.  Someday it'll be trash since Xorg will do it. (Maybe it 
does it now and I'll be really embarassed.)

BTW, to solve the problem where you shutdown with two monitors and you 
boot up with single, put the call to gorama in your /etc/rc.d/rc.local.  
If you wonder where to put it, I threw it in /usr/local/sbin, for fun, 
but you can put it anywhere.

have fun,

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