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Re: X/GDM steps


First can you login via a login screen?
- # getent passwd - is the user there
- # id <user> - still nothing?

And remember to add the posixAccount aux class to the user (ConsoleOne -
> find object -> right click -> extend object -> select
posixAccount ... )

If this is with FC1 you'll need to have users local due something which
is broken in the GDM configuration.


On Fri, 2004-11-26 at 12:26 -0300, Patricio Bruna V. wrote:
> Hi, im trying to authenticate my users against a LDAP server
> (eDirectory) but GDM does not let me in.
> If log in a console (init 3) a then do startx it works ok.
> So im wondering what are the steps when i login in gdm?
> thx
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