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Re: APT repository problems with up2date

Jos Vos wrote:

Before I start digging in the up2date code myself, maybe someone
can comment on this:

I have a problem when using up2date up2date with my self-created
APT repositories.  When updating, it complains about conflicting
files: it just thinks that a long list of directories that are
shared among packages conflict with each other.

Apt-get itself (and synaptic) seems to work fine with the same
repository, only with up2date there is a problem.  Also, up2date
with a yum repository of then same package set works fine, as
does yum itself.

FWIW: I generate my APT repositories with --flat --bloat.


I'm sorry that nobody on the Fedora developer's list has responded to your issue. Maybe we can get some conversation going now.

I'm experiencing the same problems with the repositories at Planet CCRMA <http://ccrma.stanford.edu/planetccrma/software/>. However, both the Yum and Apt repositories at this site are showing these issues. Apparently Up2Date may be very specific in what it expects from a repository.


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