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Re: Yum broken = no testing

On Sun, 28 Nov 2004 06:20:17 +1100, Russell Coker <russell coker com au> wrote:
> Beta testers are very valuable.  We don't want to burn them so badly that they
> give up testing!  If we have to release a hacked-up version of an application
> to allow recovery from a broken ABI as an interim measure then that's not a
> problem IMHO.  I think that the priority in this situation should be to get
> the testers' systems running properly again ASAP so that they can continue
> testing.

As mentioned in this thread... ftp urls appearently work and there are
ftp mirrors. Is this situation dire enough to demand a workaround with
a tempory application level fix? Is the request for testers to use ftp
mirrors for the time being beyond reason?

> There are probably already bugs in rawhide packages going undiscovered because
> the most dedicated testers have broken systems that can't be upgraded!

I would dare say the most dedicated testers... have switched to ftp
mirrors at this point.

-jef"though you have to take the phrase 'most dedicated' when talking
about rawhide users with a grain of salt.. they are more likely best
described as most tenacous if not most stubborn. I don't think i'd
call a bullrider who stays on the bull beyond the need time-limit for
that round of the rodeo competition 'most dedicated'"spaeta

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