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Eina - gtk2 replacement for xmms

xmms is (imho) the best music player that ships with FC simply from a usability standpoint, small screen footprint etc.

However, it does not use the gtk2 interface and does not use the gstreamer backend.

I found what I think would be a good replacement - it currently does not work for me, so it has that against it, but that may be because I updated my gstreamer plugins from stock fc3 (to 0.8.6) though that hasn't effected other gstreamer apps.

It's called eina - http://bolgo.cent.uji.es/proyectos/eina-en

It has a very small screen footprint, and simple easy to use interface.
It works for me up to the point of actually playing a song, then it hangs (I've only tried mp3 - I haven't tried flac or ogg). But I think it is worth looking into for possible inclusion in Fedora Extras and eventual replacement of xmms, which doesn't seem interested in gtk2 or gstreamer support.

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