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Re: Eina - gtk2 replacement for xmms

Michael A. Peters wrote:
Sindre Pedersen Bjordal wrote:
Totem offers this kind of functionality, and because both rhythmbox
and totem uses gstreamer, I would think we already have a good solution
both of the playback scenarios with minimum hassle.

Yes, and I currently use totem that way. Hopefully in fc4 totem will be in default gnome desktop install, rather than needing to be selected.

But totem has a rather large interface when it starts up, it in a movie player.

Something like xmms but gtk2 and GStreamer is what I long for. Gamp is nice, and even works well for me - even with aac files (which Rhythmbox doesn't - yet ...) but Eina has the best interface I've seen (so far) and (well, it doesn't work for me) allows you to load a single song or load from a playlist.

Totem always has a simple set of audio/video controls and simple playlist abilities. I'd rather see Totem tweaked a bit to be a good XMMS replacement rather than introduce ANOTHER media player.

Not sure what the Helix player is doing in here - works well, but seems redundant with Totem/Rhythmbox. Perhaps it's in here because of RealNetworks/Redhat agreements?

Steven Garrity

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