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Re: Does anyone else experience occasionnal xfs crashes?

Thomas Vander Stichele wrote :

> > For a few months now, I've been experiencing random xfs (the font
> > server, not the filesystem ;-)) crashes on my laptop running FC Dev. As
> > it was a system installed with FC back in January, which had run a
> > binary distribution of XFree86 4.4RC (because the Radeon Mobility 9600
> > is not supported by 4.3), then upgraded to FC2, FC Dev and had plenty
> > of custom fonts here and there, I didn't bother much to look for the
> > problem.
> Me too.  I've had this under FC2 ever since it came out.  But I could
> never figure out a good way of reproducing it.
> For me, additional symptoms where that some gtk1 apps (take, say, xmms
> or vncviewer) suddenly were using a font like courier.  At other times,
> I had the same problem as you - the whole machine locking up, and only
> logging in remotely and restarting xfs would help.
> It's quite maddening, since I never found a trigger for it allowing me
> to reproduce it.  But you're not seeing ghosts.

I've opened a bug report about this :

Speaking with some other Fedora Core users here in the office, I realized
that _all_ of them had seen these symptoms at least once, but as they don't
have the sufficient knowledge to troubleshoot the problem, their solution
at the time was to restart their computer...


Clean custom Red Hat Linux rpm packages : http://freshrpms.net/
Fedora Core release 3 (Heidelberg) - Linux kernel 2.6.9-1.681_FC3.r300
Load : 1.42 1.19 1.62

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