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Some bugs, where to file them?

I have had some difficulties with installing a box with a "RIVA128" gfx

The install process itself goes all well. Problems turns up when it has
finished installing packages (which took a couple of hours, using NFS...
Dead-slow machine...), and reboots.

When it has rebooted, it comes to a point where it says "configuring
kernel parametres". And there it stops (i had it hanging there for a
weekend, just to be shure. It was still hung when i got back on monday

Rigth before this happens, it tries to bring up RHGB, which fails
miserably. But it fails, it don't chrash the box. Only way (i) have
found to solve it, is to boot into single user (it does then get past
the "configuring kernel parameters" without problems), and changing the
driver from "nv" to "vesa". reboot gets up rhgb, but it still hangs
there (or at least when it comes to firstboot). I i then kill power,
boot it into single user mode, and *then* using "init 5" to get it up
(twice - firstboot chrashes in the first atempt, taking the rest of the
thing with it, but it don't happen again...), it works up to GDM. I can
then shutdown and reboot and everything else (after fixing monitor
resolution and refresh...) without problems.

As far as i can see, this is more than one bug, and i don't know where
to file'em. xorg? kudzu? firstboot? rhgb? kernel?


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