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Re: Eina - gtk2 replacement for xmms

man, 29.11.2004 kl. 19.19 skrev Michael A. Peters:
> On 11/29/2004 02:32:30 AM, Ronald S. Bultje wrote:
> > 
> > If they were really serious about their efforts to set a foot into  
> > the
> > world of free software, they'd make plugins (which don't even have to
> > be
> > GPL'ed, mind you!) available to play Realmedia content using
> > GStreamer.
> > I've even offered to write those plugins for them, for free (see the
> > GNOME d-d-l archives)! The whole GNOME and KDE desktop would suddenly
> > play realmedia files.
> Yes - that would be nice.
> I'm hoping for the day (it doesn't look like it's coming anytime soon)  
> when Apple releases a fairplay plugin for GStreamer so that I don't  
> have to jump through hoops to play iTMS songs in Linux.
> I like the iTMS music store, I'm not a huge customer, but I've spent  
> about $200 there since the Windows launch, and I would buy more if I  
> could play the songs in Linux (the OS I use 95+% of the time) without  
> needing a burn/re-rip.

Ain't gonna happen. Linux and gstreamer is *open source*, which means
anybody who want can hack their own perfect-digital-copying-of-audio
thingy in below itunes. oops.

What would probably be a better idea, is to come up with a free DRM
codec (shrug) - probably something that could "wrap" around for instance

It could be public/private key-based - and those "max hops" (max
computer's you are allowed to use it on) could be provided by the
hostkeys (as used by ssh etc.)

Problem again is that it would be easy "hackable" because of its
open-source nature, and therefore not likely to be adopted by the
industry. This is exactly why m$ (etc) wants "secure (for the media)
computing" - to shackle formats...

And yes, Apple will have to follow if they want any business with DRM.
(i.e. if they want to do any business with the recording/film/etc
industry). What that would do to the (if i am not completely wrong)
(today) free darwin kernel, i dont want to think about.

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