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Gnome desktop and mime stuff help

I'm searching for docs on the "right way" of doing Gnome desktop/mime etc. entries.

I know that the "old way" (before update-desktop-database) still seems to work, either by accident or by design apps that don't use that command in %post still seem to function as intended.

I'm trying to package something that has (at least one) a broken Makefile, as part of make install it want to cat stuff onto /etc/magic, / etc/gnome-vfs-mime-magic, amongst other things that cause to fail when built from a non root user - that I *think* are actually handled by update-desktop-database in the %post script.
I do have a problem though -

man update-desktop-database
No manual entry for update-desktop-database


Since it looks like I have to fix Makefiles anyway to build the package as an rpm, I'd like to try to do things the right way - I don't think even under gnome-2.4 that cat >> /etc/gnome-vfs-mime-magic was correct (which is what the Msakefile wants to do).


Not very helpful.
Is there a helpful guide somewhere?

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