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Re: Elektrified X.org released (was: X configuration paradigm, and a proposal)

> > >    The Elektrifyied X server also works for the Red Hat Graphical Boot,
> > >    where you still don't have mounted partitions, network, etc.
> > 
> > But presumably breaks system-config-display and all the related tools ?
> Of course. This is a first step.
> Does system-config-display uses the X.org library? I think this tool's
> developer simply learned the xorg.conf format and wrote code to
> generate it.

Actually s-c-d uses the Python binding to this X.org library

> And system-config-display, as far as I know, is a monolitic tool that
> don't permit HW vendors, or X plugin writers, to independently extend
> it. Whit a key/value pair paradigm, these folks can write a 10-line
> Shell script to correctly integrate itself in X, without having to
> deal with a lexical parser, complex structs, and C.

There's a small tool, written in Python against pyxf86config, that the
rpm.livna.org ATI and Nvidia graphics driver packages uses for
autoconfiguring xorg.conf. It works fairly well, and pyxf86config is
easy to use.

However, I do agree that s-c-d should be extendable by 3:rd party

/Peter Backlund

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