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Re: print configuration

tir, 30.11.2004 kl. 20.50 skrev Trever L. Adams:
> I am not entirely sure if this is how to do it. But, here goes:
> In the past you could configure printers using the RedHat supplied tools
> (as found in menus) in Samba. I am no longer seeing this. I have checked
> the option in print conf to share the printers and autodiscover them. I
> think this is a cups thing. However, this doesn't even seem to be
> working with my systems. (I do have all the systems checked to discover
> the shared printers.)
> Even if this was working, this doesn't share them with the Windows
> world.
> In FC4 is it possible to add an option in printconf or what not that
> will share them via Samba as well as cups method?

To share it using cups, make sure your other computers actually could
lookup your dns name to your IP.

Also drill a hole for port 631:udp in the client's firewall.

To have it shared via samba, i think installing and starting it is

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