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Re: firefox and thunderbird for rawhide

Warren Togami wrote:

According to Havoc, firefox and thunderbird must be added for FC3/RHEL4 target. I am now rushing to build them into rawhide. Your assistance in testing and analysis would be greatly appreciated.

While there are a number of issues currently affecting proper operation of Firefox and thunderbird in FC at this time I for one will be happy to analyze and test these two components in particular. Ive been looking forward to this inclusion for some time now. My hope is that the new availability will further increase the install base for both applications and more importantly the larger install base will consist of those individuals most likely to file useful bugfixes and issues for the quick and betterment of both apps. Thank you for the efforts Warren.


Michael Favia           michael at insitesinc dot com
Insites Incorporated    http://michael.insitesinc.com

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