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Re: FC3test2 candidate tree

>> I would have hoped that a "release" is built from itself so that *everything*
>> matches.
>If you do this, then you lose a lot of the benefit of any earlier

I would suggest that rawhide will always be compiled independently, and sometimes
it is built against itself. That's the nature of the beast. If the code really is
correct and portable, you should not notice any bugs. And if you do, that would
be a data point.

>Although it'd be nice to believe that a rebuild with a newer
>compiler or whatnot won't change anything, the fact of the matter is
>that you may trip over new bugs in the build chain.  

And as it stands, the bugs are there but you don't find them until its critical
to rebuild for some reason. Then its too late because the world has moved on.

>Thus, if everything got rebuilt at the last minute, there'd be no way to 
>sanely test and QA the distribution.

The solution is that all test releases are built against themselves. Many more
people use binary rpms than build it themselves. (It can take a couple days for a
full build to complete. Most people are not that patient.) So most bug reports
you get would be from the built against itself version. You should be able to get
sane QA'ing.

This is one of the attractions that some people have for projects like Gentoo.
You always know you got the whole thing, it compiles against itself, you can
re-create a distribution at will if you ever needed to. I know some
projects/installations that are going this route rather than Fedora *because* of
these reasons.

Just trying to help you guys out since you may not be seeing this trend yet.

-Steve Grubb

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