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Dependency reciprocity : real world problem with httpd and httpd-suexec


I've ran into a real problem where package A requires B, and B requires A :
The current httpd and httpd-suexec packages from FC Development. I've just
installed FC Test from the latest ISOs, a minimal system, then did "yum
install httpd" from there. The problem is that during the transaction,
httpd-suexec (which got pulled in as a dependency) got installed first,
outputting the message "apache group doesn't exist, using root"... BAD!
Yes, the suexec binary is now sgid root on that system instead of sgid

Now... I'm posting here before bugzilla'ing this since I'd like to know
what the general opinion is regarding packages requiring some of their own
sub-packages like this. I really think it should be avoided since there are
some side-effects like this one that can arise. Furthermore, I don't get
why httpd-suexec nor php-mbstring (as another example) got split off... the
main purpose I can see for such cases is for the original package to be
overridden by another one providing the same functionality, like the X Mesa


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