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Re: Strangest Bug Report...

tir, 07.09.2004 kl. 10.47 skrev Thomas Vander Stichele:
> Hi,
> > But.. gstreamer... That is the gnome audio/video framework, right?
> Nope.  It is a multimedia framework, yes, and it is adopted by GNOME,
> yes.  But it's not "the gnome framework".  It's actually on freedesktop
> atm.
> >  What
> > do you mean? Will (does) helix utilize gstreamer?
> It doesn't, and I'd be very surprised if it ever did.
> Incidentally, does anyone of the redhat guys know if helixplayer was put
> into fedora because of the realplayer contract for the redhat distros ?
> Thomas
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Real are just geniuses...

*real is going to hell
<FOSS> Hey OpenSource it!
*real looks sad, and throws the whole thing to the Foss-comunity
*foss goes on and makes a good player and a new video codec
*real takes thing back, thanks, and releases a good player (not
mentioning the properitary real codecs
*everybody wins: Real gets a "framework" for nothing, Foss gets
(another) multimedia-player - which hasn't got any patent problems

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