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Re: Notes on Yum Changes

> Hmm... somhow using yum to install a local package feels wrong... Hmm...
> think ill acctually have to write some prototype stuff, then.
> rpm-depsolve, here i come! :P
> Always wanted to create some "core" utility...

yum install /some/path/to/an/rpm

yum looks for that file
if it can't find it, it exits and laughs at the user, as it should
be. :)

if it finds it then it reads in the header and other information and
makes a special local repository in memory for it.

it puts the package into a transaction set (just like a normal package)
and checks it. If it can't find a resolution it looks through the
repositories (as normal) and adds packages that do resolve it.

I've done some thinking about it recently and it's really not all that
special of a case. The trick is tracking the package state in a sane
manner for putting in the transaction.


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