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Re: floppy install

Le jeu 09/09/2004 Ã 03:07, Lonnie Cumberland a Ãcrit :
> Hello All,
> I am starting to get a small feel for the FC2 Linux os with many 
> differences from my old Mandrake 10.0 distro and I must say that I like 
> what I have seen so far. In as much, I will be re-formatting my machine 
> to remove the MDK and put in the FC2 code.
> I have seen that I can use a boot.iso burned onto a cdrom to install 
> Fedora, but I was wondering what provisions were there for booting from 
> a floppy and then installing over the net, NFS, hard drive, http, etc... ?

It's "easy" to install FC2.
You need a way to load vmlinuz and initrd.img. These files are in
/isolinux of CD1.

Most common options can be found in the same directory (isolinux.cfg and
*.msg files). askmethod parameter provide the ability to install with
NFS/FTP/HTTP and hard drive method.

For example, copy vmlinuz and initrd.img in the hard drive, then use a
floppy with grub and load vmlinuz/initrd.img :
	title Fedore Core 3 _not_T2 (Install)
                kernel /vmlinuz ramdisk_size=8192 askmethod
                initrd /initrd.img

You can use "Smart Boot Manager"
http://btmgr.webframe.org/index.php3 :
        Booting from CD-ROM
                Smart BootManager supports booting from almost all kinds
                of IDE ATAPI CD-ROM

> Seems that if FC2 only supports bootable CDROM systems then it would be 
> hard to place on some older machines or did I miss something?
> Thanks All and have a good day,
> Lonnie

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