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Re: rpm --redhat-requires, rpm --redhat-provides

> > if yum or some other command line tool were to be able to return the
> > same data from the xml metadata, instead of the comps or rpmdb-fedora,
> > would people be willing to use those?
> IMO, the only tool that is relevant here is "rpm", not "some other
> command line tool" and definitely not "yum", because the package
> management system being used is "rpm", not yum, apt nor up2date.

well, in this particular case there is no pkg mgmt going on.

it's just querying an rpmdb that is not frequently updated, tbh.

> I.e. if you want to make metadata the exclusive and normative source of
> available packages, the next step would be to enable rpm to process
> them. Alternatively, I could imagine "some other command tool" could
> replace "rpm --redhat-*" as part of the rpm package.

so to make sure I'm hearing you right:

make rpm parse the xml repodata directly


provide another 'some other command tool' that replaces the popt macro
for 'rpm --redhat-*'?


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