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Re: rpm --redhat-requires, rpm --redhat-provides

> In particular I was thinking along the lines of shipping a metadata*rpm,
> to replace rpmdb-fedora*rpm, because I'd expect the info contained in
> both of them to be completely equivalent.
> Yum then could use this rpmdb-fedora-replacement rpm to setup its
> initial package-metadata/header cache etc.

well, yum doesn't need an initial header cache anymore - as of 2.1.X -
it only needs the headers of the packages it will actually use in the

> Another aspect, I am not sure about is if and how to reflect dynamically
> set up metadata-caches to "rpm --redhat-*". 
> On one hand, ATM, rpm doesn't know anything about yum/apt/up2date, so
> not considering this case would not be a regression.
> On the other hand, if rpm is able to read metadata-files/caches, it
> should not be too be difficult to extended it to read arbitrary
> metadata-files/caches such as the ones being used by yum.

Would it be presumptive to start thinking about tying more things around
remote repositories or at least a set of repositories rather than a
local cache of information?


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